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Free home exercise plan for teen girls.




I tried this recipe from Runner’s World magazine today and it was awesome, so I thought I’d share!

looks yummy!

i believe


champions are made

in the off-season, in the freezing rain, in the weight room, on the treadmill, in the ice buckets, on holidays, on weekends, on friday nights, saturday mornings, on the road, on the track, on the trail, in the woods, in the blazing sun, at 6 in the morning

when no one is watching

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Water boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit. Paper burns at 451 degrees fahrenheit. Not 450. Not 211. It’s gotta have that one more degree. You have to give it that one extra push. Your blood’s gotta be boiling and your legs’ gotta be burning. That’s how you pull to the finish, and that is how you win. No excuses. Original quote. Please, feel free to pump up your team with this :) Also, please give credit if you’re going to repost.  (via crewboo)



Summer 2011-Summer 2012
For anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape…DON’T GIVE UP! You can do it :)

Anyone can give the required dedication. But not everyone does.